Why How


Initially, I planned to start a natural health blog. I knew so much about it from years of being sick that I needed an outlet to save my friends from constant bombardment with useless information.  I talked so much about natural health that my friends made up a drinking game about it! And everyone was getting very, very drunk. Especially me. However, the health blog became delayed due to numerous life disasters. Luckily, it was delayed, because it gave me the chance to learn what true healing is. While delayed and living out of a suitcase in my parents’ guestroom, I found God. Or the Universe. Or Higher Power. Or Love. Or whatever you want to call it. It really doesn’t matter what you call it.

I only found it because I had lost everything.  _easternbluebirdangie

And I only found it because I found the science.

These discoveries led to a full-on radical revelatory spiritual experience, including birds and butterflies, in April 2016, where I knew what it was to actually love myself for the first time in my life.  For that month, call me Snow White. I hung out in my garden feeding birds and squirrels like the dirty hippy I am in my heart.

I know. Believe me. Mania anyone? Alex, I’ll take Bi-polar for 500. Except it wasn’t.  I was just genuinely happy. I didn’t know that you could be this happy without mind altering substances, and I realized that we can all have access to this on a regular basis if we seek it.

So the natural health blog transformed into a REAL health blog. The source of all healing is found at the level of our consciousness, not at the level of matter. Because if you read this blog, you will see the evidence that consciousness itself creates matter. Therefore, if you want to heal anything in your life, from your body to your relationships to your self esteem to your finances, working on things in the outer world alone is working backwards. We see evidence of this in the brilliance of the 12-step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous. By changing their consciousness through conscious contact with a Higher Power, alcoholics are able, through the steps, to heal a very physical disease with very little action on matter in the outer world.

It’s an inside job. Everything is. Always has been.

So this IS a health blog, but one about the nature of reality, quantum physics, quantum mechanics, karma, the mystical traditions of every major religion, Jesus, Buddha, neuroscience, the placebo effect, microtubules, the nature of consciousness, epigenetics, 12-step programs and healing the mind and spirit to heal the body.

I know that I am going to devote a lot of time and effort researching all of this, so I figure I’d head off boring people at cocktail parties, and having more drinking games made up about me, by putting everything in a blog.


You may take issue with the grammar, or lack thereof, in this blog. Rest assured, I know most of the rules of good writing and grammar. I taught writing at a university. However, my goal with this blog is to make it accessible and conversational. As such, I will start sentences with conjunctions and use incomplete sentences at times. I know! I know! I hate it, too, but these kids just can’t communicate properly, so I no longer feel compelled to. (See, ended a sentence with a preposition.) _butterflyflowerangie

In this blog, I will refer to the great unknown as God, He, the Universe, It, Spirit, Her, Karma, Higher Power, the Great All, Source, Non-Local Consciousness, Love, and “something more.” Please know that I am aware that this entity is gender-neutral and encompasses everything we know and do not know, animal, vegetable, mineral, inside and outside of space-time, beyond what can be described with words. I will also refer to Christianity as “Jesus Dude Theory,” because this blog does not focus on or endorse any single religion. So please don’t take issue with my language, or if you do, just mutter your displeasure to yourself as you sip your coffee.

 This blog is just a girl and a computer.  If you get anything out of it consistently, please consider making a donation to help support website hosting and research. Inquiries can be made to [email protected]