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The photographers: Most of the beautiful photos on this website were done by the talented ladies, Angie Wynne and Amy Gibbons. The bad photos are by the author. I can’t cook, and I can’t take photos.

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This blog is about about who YOU really are based on SCIENCE. And it’s about how this realization and understanding of yourself and the universe can not only release you from the onslaught of suffering served up by our material world, but also heal your body of disease and change the objective circumstances of your life for the better. And if you will just focus on healing yourself, that will heal the planet, because consciousness creates matter. It’s an inside job to save the world.

For my wonky readers, here are the technical, scientific terms: This blog examines evidence of the existence of a self-aware universe in line with monistic idealism, the theory that consciousness creates matter and is the ground of all being, as demonstrated in quantum physics, quantum mechanics and string theory. Did your eyes just glaze over? Sorry about that.

Let’s just stick to the simple terms: Science concerning the universe, you, your health, your relationships, and your life, and how to heal it ALL.

I don’t claim to know everything. The general theory of relativity’s take on gravity has really ensured that no one can ever claim to know much! So please don’t come here looking for many original thoughts. I steal everything, and I write this blog as much to learn as I do to share. Therefore, I invite you to comment freely with your ideas, theories, disagreements and questions. At the end of the day, I hope you will take whatever enriches your life and leave behind anything that doesn’t!