In Memory of Hudson (“Huddy Bear”) 1999-2016

Right as I was regaining my footing after homelessness, my family learned the horrible news that we had lost the beloved son of my cousin. There are just not enough beautiful words to describe this amazing boy. He was the kindest brother and funniest friend, admired and loved by everyone who knew him, adults and peers alike. He played a mean Jerry Lee Lewis on the piano and was the athletic captain of his crew team. He was an academic star, undoubtedly bound for a top college, and he had tons of friends because of his hilarious sense of humor. huddy

Those of us in the extended family remember him as a preschooler putting on performances for us at Thanksgiving with his top hat and cane. He loved to make people happy.

And he was loved… by his parents, by his brother and sister, by his extended family, by everyone.

The shock of losing a boy with such a bright future ahead of him, so suddenly, has knocked the breath out of his family and the entire community. And so everyone just wants answers. Why? Why?! Why is this pain a part of life that people must endure? It’s too much. Truly.

This blog doesn’t pretend to have the answer to these questions that religious scholars, mystics and Jesus Christ himself have pondered over millennia. However, it IS an exercise in beating back, to the extent possible in this world, the pain that would seek to destroy us. Together. With love.

And so this blog is dedicated to Huddy Bear, sitting in eternity close by, and his parents, sister and brother. You are all close to my heart, and you are the reason for this blog.