Catch Me on Women on the Remake

I recently had the joy of spending an hour with Leigh Moody and Kristin Smith on their new podcast “Women on the Remake.” I think their podcast fills such a need for women (and men) who are facing an opportunity, whether by force or choice, to remake their lives into something new. It’s scary, and there are few resources for support. So if you find yourself on the remake yourself or just want to enjoy the witty and interesting interviews and discussions about this topic, please follow them on their website here  or on Facebook here. And if you want to hear from me, take a listen to Episode 10.

Leigh and Kristin explain their podcast better on their website:

“Women on the Remake is a podcast for midlife women who have made the decision to change their life and are taking action to make that come to fruition.  It is co-hosted by Leigh Moody and Kristin Smith. Women can choose to remake themselves for any number of reasons, including divorce, improving health and fitness, or making a career change.  We have honest and real conversations about the challenges women face in this process of transition.  We’re not afraid to dig deep and expose the fears and vulnerabilities that we and all women have; we hope to use these stories to help women move into their next chapter with success.

In 2019, we both dealt with the end of our marriages, and the support we gave each other in that season of our lives led to the creation of Women on the Remake. Being able to walk this path together as friends has been a healing process for us, and we want to share that with all women who are remaking themselves in any way.”

Cheers, ladies! Thanks for having me!

Until next time, joy and laughter to you. And triple sinks.




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