Let’s Challenge Nazis to a Dance Off

I’m back, bitches.

(Sorry, I just love to curse…I can’t help it.)

So where have I been for the last 6 months? Well, I have been struggling. And I honestly haven’t had time to even think about writing a post, especially since I set this too-long-of-a-post standard out of the gate. Why did y’all let me set a too-long-of-a-post standard out of the gate?

As for my last 6 months, it has been Divorce Issues, the Remix, in tandem with Mold, the Remix, followed by Throwing Out All my Possessions, the Remix, followed by Homelessness, the Remix, followed by Feeling Sorry for Myself, the Remix, followed by Spiritual Revelation, the Remix.

Same mountain, different year. But not really, because I wouldn’t have had to go around the mountain again if there wasn’t something new to learn. Or re-learn.

And I learned something new. I did.

So I was getting ready to crank my next physics post this week, and then Charlottesville hit. And it has just absolutely devastated me.

I have been obsessed. You know how your brain just tries to process the ever-living hell out of something. And I guess it is true what I’ve heard this week: that black people know white people better than white people do, because I thought we were way past this garbage.

But we never have been. This crap has been woven into our government, systems of justice, and national psyche since way before Mister took office.

And then my over-processing brain wants to know why we can’t get rid of this. After so much economic gain, so many wars fought. And you know where I turn for answers to questions like these: science.

So let’s remind ourselves about what little we have discussed about quantum physics so far that is relevant to Charlottesville:

(1) There is no objective reality. (i.e. no materialism). There is no matter unless there is an observer. (i.e. The Nazis wouldn’t be there if we weren’t there to think them into existence.)

(2) The observer (i.e. consciousness) creates the matter by choosing from clouds of many different probabilities. (i.e. We chose Nazis instead of pugs wearing tu-tus.)

I know you’re thinking…I didn’t choose Nazis! I hate Nazis!

Well, that’s exactly the problem.

How we look at the Nazis…that’s how we choose who the Nazis are.  Now, don’t get stuck on this point, because we really need to get into string theory in physics before I can explain this more clearly. And that won’t be for the next several weeks. But let’s just simplify it, and say that your thoughts and feelings are how you choose your objective reality out of the clouds of probability offered by the universe.

If you want loving people, believe in, and treat all, people like they are loving. It’s common sense that that works more often than not. And it’s because of quantum physics and string theory that it works.

And so I finally came to this conclusion on how I will handle this Nazi thing.

Love trumps hate. In fact, love is the only thing that can defeat hate with finality. The state of consciousness creates the matter. Love your enemy, your enemy becomes a lover. Fear your enemy, your enemy becomes something to be feared. You can see my many arguments on the FB page about what really turned Germany away from fascism permanently. It was the Marshall Plan, not WWII. Yes, I am a broken record. There was no Marshall Plan after WWI; rather, they punished Germany like animals. That’s why WWI didn’t stop Germany, and they were invading their neighbors again 20 years later. After WWII, that didn’t happen, because the U.S. forgave the Germans and gave them the equivalent of about 130 billion dollars in today’s money to rebuild.

But what does that mean for us, that love trumps hate? How does it work? Well, a lot of us have those bumper stickers, but are we truly in love instead of in fear? Are we truly in love instead of in anger and self righteousness? There is no fear in love, not even fear of Nazis carrying machine guns. There is no anger in love, not even anger towards Nazis carrying machine guns. And love doesn’t carry clubs or other weapons. There is no self defense in love. Love is not afraid to be beaten and bloodied. Love is not afraid to die. Love hugs, love dances, love smiles, love laughs. Because love knows what’s really going on here. Love knows that we are fighting ideas, not people. We are going after hearts. And we have to laugh at their horrible idea (that or ignore it) to make it go away. We have to stop giving it so much power with our fear and our self righteous anger.

Before you call me a Nazi appeaser, I hope you will recognize that I am trying to explain how the science (I think) shows how to defeat Nazism, how to bring people back to their senses, because we aren’t only talking about Nazis. We are talking about our relatives and friends, the 33% of voters who approve of what Trump said on Tuesday. And I am not talking about being passive. I’m talking about being willing to stand in the face of violence for a cause. The cause of love.

So there was a great opinion piece in the New York Times on Friday about how some towns in Germany have chosen to face Nazi rallies by turning them into events to raise money for groups that try to help people break free and recover after leaving hate groups. They turn the Nazi march into a march-a-thon, where other citizens pledge money for the number of miles the Nazis march, with a finish line, where citizens throw confetti when the Nazis march past it. They have fun with it, and they laugh. See: How to Make Fun of Nazis

Of note, in the article, there were some scientists who study resistance movements and their results. And what do you think the scientists found? Drumroll….well, their studies bear out this quantum physics theory (also known as the Jesus dude theory) of how the world works. To quote the article, “violence is just not as effective as nonviolence. In their 2011 book, ‘Why Civil Resistance Works,’ Dr. Stephan and Erica Chenoweth examined how struggles are won. They found that in over 320 conflicts between 1900 and 2006, nonviolent resistance was more than twice as effective as violent resistance in achieving change. And nonviolent struggles were resolved much sooner than violent ones.”

So if we really want to defeat these terrible ideas in our country, we should get out a huge PA system and throw a dance party everywhere the Alt-Right protesters go. We could throw them beads and ask them to show us their boobs– lots of man boobs in that crowd, after all. (We can’t pelt them with the beads though– I know that was your first thought–it was mine, too.) 

We have to BE what we claim to be. And we can’t do that with Antifa beating everybody with clubs, even if they are defending innocent, peaceful protesters. Antifa didn’t effectively stop Nazism before WWII and they won’t stop it now. We will never win hearts and minds with their tactics. Because that’s what the physics shows.

But a Nazi Dance-off???? I like this strategy for defeating an idea. Because people will want what WE have– a dance party– not what the white supremacists have, fear of the other. Are we a dance party, or are we fear of the other? We can’t be both.

You may think I’m being naive. But where has 5000 years of fighting gotten us? Tribalism still exists. Can’t we try a new tactic at this point? Well, sorta new…at least the dancing part.

The main people to whom I am addressing this are my white readers. And the reason is as follows: more whites need to put their bodies on the line for civil rights, like Heather Heyer did last weekend. I don’t feel that it’s right to ask minorities to do anything more. I am certainly not going to tell any minority person to love Nazis. Minorities have given enough in this battle– they fight this shit every day of their lives. Of course, anyone is welcome. But white people: it’s time for all of us to get off our asses and try to start, just start, paying off this 300-year-old debt we owe on this white privilege. Because we are spending it every single day, especially me, walking around in my yoga pants drinking skinny lattes, albeit in a van down by the river, but still.

Whites are the ones who fucked this up, so we are the ones who have to throw the dance party.

If you are interested in this idea, please contact me at [email protected] And please share this post on your FB page.

YOU get to choose.

And I say more pugs in tutus, fewer Nazis.

Until next time, joy and laughter to you. And triple sinks.



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