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Answer the Fortune Cookie: Be Selfish … By Giving.

This week we are going to take a little break from deep science in this post and get up in your business.

This past week has been an interesting one for me.

As you can guess, I pray a lot. I never did before. Not my entire life have I ever prayed. But after the spring of triple sinks, I got busy with prayer.20161210_121925

Now, I don’t pray for everything you think. I mean, I would love to manifest a new BMW, but that’s not what this is about, for me anyways. The main things I pray for every morning are for guidance and personality. I ask that I am guided in every step towards what I must do for my ultimate good—that I only see the world with eyes of gratitude—that I only see myself and others with love.

Lately, I feel like I’ve been getting guidance that I haven’t necessarily wanted. It seems like no matter what I’m reading it’s about giving. Are you giving enough? Do you share your blessings? Yada Yada. Then, after I got my insurance recovery from the mold, the first thing one of my friends said was “I always wonder about tithing something like that.” And, I thought, “Dang it! Why did you just say that, dummy?! Because I had forgotten about that, and now I have to tithe this!”

I mean, I had to. It was an answered prayer. I can’t really pray for something, get the something and then tell the universe to f*k off. And let me just add, tithing for me is like prayer–something I’ve never done in my life.  I am so far out over my skis with this and the prayer stuff. This is a popsicle sticks and spit scientific spiritual operation over here.

So, lots of messages about giving in the past few weeks. Asking for guidance and getting guidance that I didn’t necessarily want. Then, last Tuesday, I opened a fortune cookie that said, “A friend will need help. Answer the call.”

Yarrr!!!!!!!!!!! Come on, universe!!!

fortunecookieI started overthinking this one. And then I tried to talk myself down. “Ashley, you are going overboard. Everything is not some message for you. It’s just a fortune cookie. It doesn’t mean anything. God doesn’t talk to people through fortune cookies.” (although didn’t George Burns do that in one of those God movies? Am I channeling the little girl from “Oh God, Book II?”)

So I started doing what we all do to ourselves. We always try to talk ourselves out of miracles. We are so insistent on living in a meaningless world. It’s crazy to me that we absolutely insist on meaninglessness. I want to be miserable! It’s meaningless! Our ego gives lots of different arguments to try and convince us we live in a meaningless world: “Science!” or “You’re not important enough for the universe to communicate with you,” or “Coincidence!” So I’m no different than you.  I have this voice that is very invested in my staying miserable.  And I convinced myself it was just a fortune cookie.

Then, two days later I got the call from the friend.

And they needed help.

What was I gonna do? Dang Universe.

I answered the call.

But after I answered the call, I started having some reservations. I mean, living within my budget is not easy. I barely make ends meet, and I was just wiped out by toxic mold. I can’t really afford to give anything financially right now.

A few nights later I talked to a few advisors who resoundingly agreed with my reservations, “No. Don’t do it. You can’t afford it.” I went to bed after these conversations with doubt in my head. I thought, I don’t need to give that money. I need to be my own charity case. 20161212_152531

The next morning after my night of doubt I woke up, and, as part of my morning routine with my coffee, I pulled up a daily newsletter that I read. Any guess what the newsletter said? Guesses?

Here’s the direct quote: “Sometimes we give more consideration to what people tell us than to what God says. If we pray diligently and hear from God, and then start asking people around us what they think, we honor their human opinions above God’s. Such an attitude will prevent our being able to consistently hear God’s voice.”

OK!!!!!!!! OK!!!! Geesh!!

Yes, I believe that I was told what to do by the universe through a fortune cookie. After about my 5th crazy coincidence, I am less inclined to believe in a meaningless, material world. But hey, the spring of triple sinks was a powerful thing for me. I get it if you’re not there yet.

Of course, the real reason that I am helping this friend is very selfish, I assure you. It’s not all crazy fortune cookie prophecy stuff.

The science says that, as the observers and consciousness of the universe, we create and find what we are looking for in this world—within limits set by non-local consciousness (i.e. God). The world you believe in is the world you will find more often than not. What you notice shows up more often than what you ignore. This is basic quantum physics. And this is reflected in our attitude towards giving as well. If I see a world of lack and scarcity and fear and closed hands, this is the world I create for myself. If I see a world of abundance and sharing and love and open hands, this is the world I create for myself. Furthermore, we are all one. This is true both energetically and from an evolutionary perspective, so what I do to you, I actually do to myself… because you ARE me.  Karma is a scientific force. (More on this later)

So when I give to you, I give to myself. Now you know the scientific reason why serving others makes you feel so good! Similarly, when I teach you, I teach myself. Unfortunately, it also works negatively. When I judge you, I judge myself. That finger I point at you and your wrongdoing, I am pointing at myself. Hence, we bless and condemn ourselves all day every day in our thoughts about, and relations with, others.

Think about that. It gives you a whole new motivation to be kind and generous, doesn’t it? It’s not a command, “love your neighbor as you love yourself.” It’s a law: “you love yourself as you love your neighbor.” If you give to your neighbor, you give to yourself. Giving is not a transaction where you lose something. Giving creates more for everyone. Especially you. 20161211_175130

This karmic principle of quantum physics is what Jesus was trying to explain to people 2000 years ago. Our treatment of others and ourselves is all intertwined. You can’t separate it.

So consider this your fortune cookie. I invite you this holiday season to be as selfish as you can possibly be—give more than you can afford to someone in need. Give this gift to yourself. Make this the world you live in.

This is science.

And this is YOU.

Until next time, joy and laughter to you. And triple sinks.


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